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Latest Benevento Tesol Group event: "Flipped Classrooms + Prezi presentation", a seminar held by Maria Antonietta Sessa at I.I.S. "Galilei - Vetrone", Benevento on 16th October 2014, from 4:30 to 7:00 pm.


Prezi presentation on Flipped Classrooms!

19 February 2014 - Motivating Digital Learners


15 January 2014 - From Bali with love 

Seminar held by Maria Antonietta Sessa

Download the pdf file!

locandina bali congress

 Bali, Indonesia hosted the 11th "ASEF Classroom Network Congress" from 28 October to 1 November 2013.

"ASEF Classroom Network" brings together teachers and students from Asia and Europe providing a virtual and real environment where to interact and collaborate. The question is: why Bali? What added value did Bali give to the congress?"

 Next Benevento Tesol events:

April 2014 - Gamification and CLIL

Seminar held by Maria Antonietta Sessa

"The CLIL challenge is pending on Italian teachers' heads and will become an intimidating reality next year at least in final classes but "Gamification" can help teachers cope with the CLIL challenge".

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Events in 2013

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"Why using ICT and projects at school " held by Maria Antonietta Sessa and organized by Liceo Artistico of Cerreto Sannita.
This was not properly a Tesol event, anyway many members took part in it and, for this reson, we have included it among the more proper Tesol events.