Our mission

Why a website for Benevento Tesol Group?

Benevento Tesol Group has been active for many years and, as it happens with all long lasting love stories, Benevento members started to be in search of something which could inspire new enthusiasm while enhancing their sense of belonging. So the idea of a website started to grow inside the inner circle until it became a fact.

We really hope this website may be a reference point for all Benevento Tesol "socialites".
The question is : what does Benevento Tesol group expect from this website? Here below is our "shopping list":

  • All the scheduled Tesol events, both locally and on a national scale, will be announced on the website, so that members can easily be updated and informed. As soon as any interesting news appear on the website Ms Anna Mazzeo, Benevento Tesol president, will send a newsletter to the mailing list;
  • A special page will be dedicated to the most active members of Benevento group, showing information about their professional achievements, cultural interests and other relevant facts;
  • Local events will be particularly highlighted according to our philosophy which emphasize the members' hidden talents; in fact, we have already organized several lectures during which some of our colleagues have shared their experiences;
  • Links to ICT and TEFL resources will be published on a special page: members of the group will be invited to suggest new links. To do that they can send an e-mail to Ms Anna Mazzeo or directly to the webmaster.